Word for Today

Crown of thorns

Numbers 33:55-56 (NIV)

55 “‘But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land, those you allow to remain will become barbs in your eyes and thorns in your sides. They will give you trouble in the land where you will live. 56 And then I will do to you what I plan to do to them.’”

I can’t believe we’re seven week away from a New Year! I’m already thinking about the things I want or need to change, fix, tweak or get rid of in 2016. I’m assessing what I said I wanted to do in 2015 verses what I actually did. I’m also assessing my relationships with friends and family members and I have to acknowledge some of them aren’t working.

Over the course of my life I have learned how to let go of some folks. I may have held onto them out of habit, comfort, my desire to change them or my desire not to change what’s not working. But, I have also had to learn that there’s a difference in helping someone and carrying someone.

Sometimes I have to be honest and say that they are dragging me down more than I’m lifting them up. They are burdening me down and I seem to be more worried about their stuff than they are. Ever been there?

Sometimes you gotta drink a big glass of realism, straight with no chaser, and admit you have to release some people. Releasing them doesn’t mean you’re better than them or that you’ve given up on them, it just means that God’s better suited to change them than you are.

People aren’t going to be happy with your decision but you’ve got to decide if you want to reap from God what they’ve sown. In verse 56 above God says, “’And then I will do to you what I plan to do to them.”’ That’s a no go for me! I want to reap the harvest from the seeds I’ve planted, no one else’s.

As we approach 2016 we need to remember there is only one relationship that we have that’s intended to last through out eternity and that’s our relationship with God through Christ. Ask God for discernment regarding relationships whose seasons are over and act accordingly.

Much love to you!

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Prayer for Today

Falling apart bible

April 16, 2015

Father, when I’m faced with difficult situations and circumstances my humanity comes to the surface. I know Your Word says that You haven’t given me the spirit of fear but sometimes I am fearful.

Father Almighty, when I am dealing with the illness of a loved one, I feel fearful of losing them. When I faced with the loss of income, I am fearful of losing my home, car or other possessions that I need. When I’m confronted with the loss of a friend because they don’t want to hear the truth, I become fearful because my relationship with them is important to me. Forgive me Father, but I’m only human.

I know that as long as I am alive a certain level of fear is going to surface from time to time but, I refuse to allow fear to control my mind or my emotions. That’s why I run to You and find shelter in Your Word.

Your Word reminds me that You are Elohim, the Creator of heaven and earth; You are the God of everyone and everything! Nothing is greater than You. No illness, no financial shortfall;  nothing is greater than You!

When I run to Your Word my fears are relieved because Your reminds me of Your unfailing love and greatness. Thank You for being my fortress, my refuge in difficult times and my very present help in the time of trouble. Thank You!

In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Scripture References:

Psalm 46

Proverbs 30:5 – 6

John 1:1 – 4, 14

II Timothy 1:7


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Prayer for Today

Faithful are the wounds of a friend

April 13, 2015

Father, help me to listen to the voices of the people who love me, care for me and have my best interest at heart. Sometimes their voices get drowned out by the same loud voices that drowned out Your voice and I end up making bad decisions because I pay attention to the wrong voices.

Father God, help me to listen to those who are close to me who have Godly wisdom and will speak the truth to me even if it’s not what I want to hear.

I know my spouse, significant other; parents; sibling and close friends know me better than anyone else. I should listen to them because they want what is best for me. The loud voices of the world what me to confirm to be and do what they tell me, even if it’s not good for me. The voices of the world don’t care about me!

Father, help me to hear and listen to the voices of the people You’ve placed in my life for my betterment. Help me Lord to block out and drowned out the voices of the world!

I pray with full sincerity in Jesus name. Amen.

Scripture References:

Proverbs 17:17

Proverbs 18:24

Proverbs 27:6

Proverbs 27:10


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Prayer for Today

I pray that the prayers you’ve received and the scriptures you’veSacrifical lamb read throughout this Lenten Season have been a blessing to you and helped prepare you for the rest of your journey with Jesus Christ, the sacrificial Lamb of God.


April 3, 2015

Father, I began this Lenten Season as a journey to know You better. Some days I stayed the course, other days I strayed away allowing other things to distract me from my journey. No matter what, I learned that getting and maintaining a relationship with You through Jesus Christ is a lifelong journey. I will mess up along the way, but if I stay the course, I’m still on the right path.

Along the way to finding out more about You, I found out more about me. As much as I love you, I still fall short but You knew I wasn’t going to be perfect, that’s why You sent Your Son to be my ransom; to take all my sins and carry them to the cross.

As much as I want to do everything You want me to do, my faith is lacking in so many areas. That’s why You sent Jesus, as a man, to show me the importance of prayer and obedience. In His humanity Jesus didn’t want to go to the cross, but out of obedience to You, He went anyway.

I want to be bold and courageous in the things You have purposed for me to do but I allow the things of my past to interfere with my future. That’s why You sent Your Son to be the anointment for Your forgiveness for me, one time for all time. Now, I need to forgive myself the way You forgive me.

On this Good Friday I look at the cross that Jesus died on a little differently. It wasn’t something He did for everyone; it is something He did just for me. Thank you Jesus for dying in my place and becoming sin for me so I can have everlasting life through You. I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

Scripture References:

Matthew 26:36 – 39                     Romans 10:8 – 11

Romans 6:12 – 14                           Hebrews 9:14 – 15

Romans 10:4                                     Hebrews 10:8 – 10

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Prayer for Today

enemies-friend-god-quoteLenten season challenge: Read the scriptures that are referenced at the bottom of each prayer every day during this Lenten season!

March 9, 2015

Father as I change and allow You to change me, I see some of my friends and family members falling away from me. Sometimes this reality makes me sad, angry and somewhat bitter. There are times I think about going back to my old ways but then I realize, that would put my friendship with You in jeopardy.

You are my friend that sticks closer to me than a sibling. You are my only friend who laid down His life for me. The very least I can do is obey You in response for all You’ve done for me. You are my friend because of Your great love for me, not because of anything I’ve ever done or anything I can do for You.

You care about our friendship because You created me in Your image. Your friendship is important to me because life can be hard and cruel. I need someone to whom I can turn and in whom I can put my trust.

Thank you Lord for Your friendship, Your love, Your compassion, Your grace and Your mercy to me. In Jesus name. Amen.

Scripture references:

 Genesis 1:26 – 27            John 15:13 – 14

Psalm 20:7                          James 4:4

Proverb 18:24

Isaiah 41:8 – 10

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Prayer for Today

February 3, 2015

Father, as I work to balance my plans for 2015, my family, my job or business and my relationship with you, please help me not to fall into the trap of chasing money, fame or fortune. Chasing after money, fame or fortune has destroyed many lives.

You know what I need, when I need it and how much I need. Therefore my hope is in you. You are my provision already met and you are my prosperity. I refuse to make money, fame or fortune my god.

Lord, help me keep my eyes on you. Guard my heart and my spirit from evil. Let me rejoice in you. You are my righteousness. I will continue to praise your name! In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Scripture references:

Psalm 97

Exodus 3:13

Exodus 20:3


Oh, What A Friend – Part II

From the book: It’s Still Relative (The Word of God for Today’s World)

“You are my friends if you do what I command.” John 15:14

In our earthly friendships there is a level of equality between friends. Not so in our friendship with God. It is through my relationship with Jesus that we have friendship with God but God is not our equal even through he’s our friend. Here’s why we not equal to God:

1. His standards are always right.

2. His word is always true.

3. His promises are always kept.

4. God has never, and won’t ever, make a mistake.

5. Gods’ will has and will always prevail.

6. Gods’ way has been and will always be perfect.

7. Gods’ decisions are based on the whole picture and not limited to a specific amount of knowledge.

No one is God except God. No matter how much we pray, how many times a week we fast or how much we give to the poor, we are not God. We are sinners, saved by Gods’ grace. We are given new mercies every day by the unmerited favor of God through Christ.

Our role model for living a life of friendship with God is Jesus. In order to have a true friendship with God, we must do what Jesus did. First, Jesus spent quality time with God (Luke 22:39 – 41). Second, Jesus counseled with God about decisions that needed to be made (Luke 6:12 – 13). Third, even though Jesus was the only begotten Son of God, he walked humbly before God. (John 5:30). The fourth thing Jesus did to strengthen his friendship with God was to think of other more than he thought of himself (John 22:42).

Jesus’ death was not about his friendship with God, it was about OUR friendship with God. Jesus knew unless he died and atoned for the sins of the world, we would never have the opportunity to reconcile with God. Jesus knew unless he died human kind would never have the opportunity to form a friendship with our Creator.

Jesus did the hard work regarding our relationship with God. He bought our salvation by his sacrifice. It is our responsibility to nurture our friendship with God and to cultivate our relations with him by following Jesus’ example of spending time with God, seeking God’s counsel before we make decisions, walking humbly before God and caring about others more than caring about ourselves.

It is a blessing to sing the old spiritual that says, “What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and grieves to bear. What a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer.”



Oh, What A Friend – Part I

From the book: It’s Still Relative (The Word of God for Today’s World)

“You are my friends if you do what I command.” John 15:14

There is a song by Walter Hawkins that says, “If you ever need a friend that sticks closer than any brother I recommend Jesus, Jesus because he’s that kind of friend. He will never, never forsake you. Even though he every thing there is to know about you. I recommend Jesus, Jesus because he’s that kind of friend.”

Friends have things in common. Shared interest like shopping, cooking, sports or books. There is something that causes them to be drawn together – hence they get to know each other and begin to share. Out of that sharing a friendship emerges.

Over time a simple association turns into a friendship, which turns into a closer relationship until there forms a mutual level of knowledge about each others character traits, like and dislikes. You get to know each others concerns, strengths and weaknesses.

Jesus gave us the ability to have a friendship with God. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit so we can have a relationship with a Holy God. Jesus gave us righteousness so we have that trait in common with the Righteous God. Jesus gave us the mind of Christ so we can understand the secrets of God’s words and live in His truths. Jesus came to give us eternal life, so we can live with our friend, God, forever.

Jesus does not lessen God so He can be our friends. When we accept Jesus as our savior, he elevates us so we can become friends of God. Jesus gives us everything we need; holiness, righteousness, peace, love, joy, self-control, etc. so that we have the traits of God  and can take on his characteristics.

Jesus didn’t come to compromise God so that we can live anyway we want and still call ourselves Christians. Jesus did not come to lower God’s standards to the world’s standards. NO! Jesus came to elevate us to God’s will for our lives.

Are you living up to your friendship with God?