Prayer for Today

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March 23, 2015

Father, today I feel overwhelmed! It’s like everything is coming down on me at one time. I can barely breathe! I’m too busy for my own good!

Father I feel like I moved from having a full plate of things to do, to having an overflowing platter of things to do. I can’t even figure out what to do first because everything and everyone is screaming, “ME FIRST!” I feel like my life is spinning out of control. I just want to yell “STOP!” and hit the restart button so I can begin again.

Father I need You! I need You to give me an inner calm and an inner peace so I can think. I need You to help me figure out all the stuff I have going on in my life and help me decide what I need to do verses what I can give to someone else to do. Father, help me focus on You so You can focus me.

I know I’ve done this to myself and I am not ashamed to say I need You to help me sort out the mess I’ve made. I will do like Jesus, I will pull away from all the stuff and listen for You. I know You will tell me what I need to know, You will give me inner calm and peace and You will help me not to get into this predicament again if I listen and follow You. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Scripture references:

Psalm 29:11

Psalm 37:7

Isaiah 26:3 – 4

Lamentations 3:19 – 26

Matthew 14:23

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Prayer for Today

God is faithful with tree Lenten season challenge: Read the scriptures that are referenced at the bottom of each prayer every day during this Lenten season!

March 18, 2015

Father, on days like this, when things seem so cloudy and uncertain, I find comfort and strength in knowing that Your plans for me will prevail over everything else. By faith I believe no assault that anyone can level on my character, my finances or my overall well-being that can stop what You have ordained for me.

So I say to my internal and external foes, “Your plan to bring me harm has failed. I have my victory already in hand, because I know through Christ I am more than a conqueror.  I have already won, because God will fight for me. There is no scheme or plan that you can bring against me that will thwart the plans that God has for me.”

Lord, my enemy has won a few battles, but by faith, I say I’ve already won the war.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Scripture References:

Proverbs 19:21

Psalms 139:16

Genesis 50:20

Romans 8:28 – 37

Job 42:2

II Chronicles 20:15


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Prayer for Today

February 11, 2015

Father, today let me acknowledge your peace that covers and rests on me. Your peace that is full, complete and lacks nothing is the peace I need to sustain me. The things the world calls peace; money, wealth, fame and power are fleeting and fad away in the midst of adversity.

Unlike the world’s peace, your peace is always with me, even to the end of time. Your peace is not circumstantial. Your peace is a part of my benefits package of being your child. I don’t walk in your peace as often or completely as I should because I allow circumstances and problems to cause me to worry, fret and be anxious. Forgive me!

Today I will not worry, fret or be anxious over things but I will rest in the truth of your amazing grace and peace. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Scripture references:

Numbers 6:22 – 26

Psalm 29:11

John 14:27

Philippians 4:6 – 7

Proverb 12:25

I Peter 5:7peace rock

Prayer for Today

February 6, 2015

Father God, I know your word says that you have plans for me. Plans to do me good and give me hope and a future. But, if I’m being honest, some days I don’t like how your plans are working.

I look around and see people losing everything. I see murder and mayhem all over the land. I see heartache and hardship and wonder, “Is this really God’s plan?”

I see good people losing homes, money, jobs, etc. while the unrighteous still prosper and look for additional ways to oppress the less fortunate. Forgive me, but is this really a plan for my good? I feel like David when he said ‘“Why, O Lord, do you stand far off? Why do you hide yourself in the time of trouble?”’

In spite of all these things, I will trust in your unfailing love. I know that in the right season, if I don’t give up, you will bless your children with everything that is rightfully ours. Therefore, I will not weaver in my trust in you but I will stand firm and see your deliverance.

Thank you for being the kind of God I can be honest with in the times of my uncertainty, weakness or momentary despair. I will wait for you. I will be of good courage and I will allow your word to strengthen my heart. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Scripture references:

Jeremiah 29:11

Psalm 10:1 – 2

Psalm 13:5

Psalm 27:14


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Prayer for Today

February 5, 2015

Father God, thank you for making me the apple of your eye. I will walk in the fullness of your glory and will not fall short of the abundance you have for me. I am overwhelmed by the fact that there is nothing in my life that does not concern you. Everything; my spiritual, mental, physical, financial and emotional health are important to you. There is nothing nor no one who is more important to you than me.

The light of this truth propels me to walk into the destiny you have designed, purposed and planned for me. Knowing that nothing you have planned for me can be stopped gives me the courage to pursue what you have purposed for me.

You don’t hold my past against me and neither will I. I press forward; leaving yesterday, last month and my earlier years in my rearview mirror. I move forward to what you have for me.

Moving forward in Jesus name! Amen.

Scripture references:

John 10:10

III John 2

Proverb 21:30

Nahum 1:7

Deuteronomy 32:10moving forward world

Psalm 55:22


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Prayer for Today

January 28, 2015

Father, there are days I set back and watch evil, mean-spirited people prosper while good people struggle. These are the days I wonder what you’re doing. Don’t you see? Don’t you care?

It seem so unfair that people who are mean, hateful, under handed and liars get away with so much while the good people who deserve more don’t get what they need. I know the evil people get their pay back in eternity and the good people get their reward in eternity but we live in the here and now.

I know that your plans stand firm forever and the purpose of your heart is through all generations. I know that the righteous should not get angry, indignant or be envious of evil people but I see their plans prospering while the plans of the righteous languish on the vines of life. I just don’t understand! What about the good people plans? What about our hopes and dreams?

Even though I see all of these things, I will trust in you and I will do good. I will be thankful for what you’ve already given me. I will delight myself in you and I will wait while you complete your plan to give me the desires of my heart. I will wait on you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Scripture references:

Psalm 33:11

Psalm 37:1 – 4Prayer

I Have What It Takes

The systems of the world are designed to take our confidence and destroy how we view our gifts, talents and abilities. The world system says, “If you’re not rich, you’re not worth anything.” The world system will tell us, certainly women, “If you’re not stick figure thin, you’re not beautiful.”

But God placed greatness in us when He created us. He put hopes and dreams in our hearts and minds from the beginning. Many of us, including me, have put our dreams on hold and ignored our passions and gifts because we have believed what the world says about us. But, God has given us everything we need to do everything He has asked us to do.

I challenge you to get up every morning and tell yourself, “I have what it takes. No matter what God has asked me to do, I am the right person for the job.”

Taken from the book It’s Still Relative, the Word of God for Today’s World pages 81 and 82*

“Lord please help me to see my gifts, talents and abilities as You see them. Father help me to lean on You; the author, perfecter and finisher of my faith, and not on my own understanding. Help me Father, to understand the great power You placed in me at the time I accepted You. The power that allows me to be self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency that abides in me.”

“Lord, renew my mind so that I understand that there is nothing too difficult for You to perform through me if I yield all my members to you. You are my strength and my shield. Thank you Lord! In Jesus’ name Amen.”
*Used with author’s permission.

To purchase the book use this link or, go to and key in: Anita Wamble “It’s Still Relative God’s Word for Today’s World” target=”_blank”>